I completed my PhD in Economics at the University of Surrey and I am working as a Research Economist at the Centre for Economic Performance of the London School of Economics since October 2020. I am an empirical microeconomist with a methodological interest in econometrics. My expertise lies in the economics of health and wellbeing, applied econometrics, and machine learning.

Email: e.oparina@lse.ac.uk

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Working papers

Analyzing subjective wellbeing data with misclassification (with S. Srisuma), conditionally accepted, Journal of Business and Economic Statistics

Have econometric analyses of happiness data been futile? A simple truth about happiness scales (with L.Y. Chen, N. Powdthavee, and S. Srisuma)

  • A non-technical summary is available in this VoxEU column

An analysis of female happiness change: Revisiting the Paradox of Declining Female Happiness (with S. Srisuma)